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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I love makeup

 I love makeup.  I mean, if something bad happens during the day, I want to go and buy some nail polish.  If something really good happens, I want a nice $50 eye shadow palette.  Lip gloss can fix about anything.
I am a whore for makeup.
I own basically all of this.
And everything behind the camera guy.
So it becomes rather a point of irritation for me when I wake in the morning- as exhausted as if I had stayed awake to watch the paint dry in our guest room- and have lost the ability to give a fuck about putting on the $20 eyeliner or the $50 eyeshadows.
Same goes for when I wake up with fingers that look like they've been carved out of playdough and I
know that this is not going to be the day I wear eyeliner at all.  Unless the look our office is going for is "Ke$ha: the Next Morning."  I'm almost positive they are not.
So I have ALL      THIS    MAKEUP   and never feel up to using it.  But I want to so badly.  I want to try new styles of eyeshadow.  Different colors.  New highlighters.

But instead I'm sitting there with heat and cold packs on my joints stretching my fingers to try and make them type ready by the time I get to work.

How fair is that?

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