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Saturday, June 14, 2014

"One day I'm gonna grow up to be a barometer!"

Ok, none of us ever said that as kids, I'm sure.  But a lot of us definitely do feel the effects of changes in the weather long before the first drop of rain or snow flake falls.  People might think you're crazy when you say "Oh it's gonna rain, I can feel it".  When you're right, they'll attribute it to meteorology forecasts on tv.  But here's an excellent article that explains why chronic pain patients so often become, as one of the docs I work for likes to call me, "the office barometer."
The article will explain that it isn't individual storms or weather events that are causing you problems, this the changes in barometric pressure as fronts move over us that we are feeling.  Here's a website that I check when I'm having a lot of unexplained pain and, behold unto thee, there will be a low pressure system right on top of us.  Checking this every few days can give you a better idea of how your pain is going to be, rather than the standard 5 day forecasts. 
What do you guys think?  Do you notice those changes?  As the article points out, this isn't a proven phenomenon, and just as many patients report no noticeable differences during barometric changes.  Let us know!


  1. I live in central Florida and in the winter I swear I can feel a cold front in the Midwest and the pain increases daily as it approaches

    1. You have impeccable timing, just today at lunch we were musing about whether it would be any easier in Florida. Looks like the answer is there's no where safe!