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Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Hell, I Had to Go and Open My Mouth

You know, sometimes I am such an idiot.  I had been doing well (as far as not catching infections or anything to keep me out of work) since beginning to work in our contact lens department instead of following a doctor around all day.  I hadn't had to call out in several months, hadn't been desperately begging to leave work early because I felt like I was dying from the inside out.
But then, I went and said so out loud.  Earlier this week I made a comment about how well I had been doing.  Which, of course, meant that I would end up puking at work today and being sent home.  I managed to hold it in until after 3, but of course my manager (and one of my good friends, you may recall) has my "I just yakked" face memorized, and immediately hugged me and said "go home."
What the crap, self?  You know better than to say those things out loud, get with it!

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