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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They just don't make The Help like they used to...

I've been struggling a lot lately with whether to stay with my current rheumatologist or begin looking for someone new.  After a less than stellar appointment yesterday I have heavy heartedly come to the conclusion that it is time to try someone new.
This is a tough choice sometimes.  I've had rheumies that I just flat out didn't like- who made me feel like a private in the army just taking orders from his superior- even though it was my body.  I've had rheumies whom I loved, were personable, got along with me well, seemed to be willing to treat as aggressively as I was comfortable, but had the most shit-tastically run offices I have ever seen.  Now I have one who seems nice enough, and competent,  but rather than treating me as a partner in my treatment is acting more like I'm sitting in the back seat just along for the ride... like, "Ok sure, we'll get pizza for lunch, but first lets run these few errands I have, then we can TOTALLY do what you were just yammering on about."
So, when do you say enough is enough?  It's hard to balance the long periods of time it can take to see improvement with treatment changes, but where is the line that says "waiting is no longer an option"?
Some of you are new to the world of autoimmune disorders and are still trying too navigate the tricky situations that can arise as a result, but I know a lot of you that have years of experience.  Share with us the key signs you look for, or that we should be looking for on first visits to help us determine if a doctor is going to be the right fit.
Choosing a rheumatologist is just like hiring a maid: you don't want to hire a maid where you feel like you have to clean up the house before she gets there.  As one forum member at Arthritis Foundation  pointed out to me, these doctors are your employees and they should be including you as an active, decision making part of the process.
What are your guys' thoughts?

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