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Friday, March 20, 2015

First wold blogger problems: "I have to blog in a separate app!"

I mean, truly, if that is what I have to complain about then I must be getting healthier. 
I'm sorry I don't update on here very often.  Here's the thing.
You may remember that I have a FaceBook Page, a Twitter handle, and a Tumblr account all for TheFaceofArthritis.  I can update Facebook and Twitter from an app called Hootsuite, which lets me write one post and submit it to both mediums.  And Tumblr is connected to Instagram, which means I can post directly from there.  
But Blogger doesn't connect to these things.  So I have to (exasperated groaning and sighing) open the actual Blogger app in order to create a post.  Which makes me feel like I have to write some witty mini essay to go with whatever picture or snarky comment I'm posting.  

So again, I apologize for leaving you hanging so much of the time.  But I do encourage you to follow our FaceBook page, Twitter, or Tumblr (remember that Tumblr is really only stupid pictures) for more frequent hilarity and hi jinks. 

Batten down the hatches, boys!
In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of my bunny (Harvey Ping) in a rain hat.  Because it has been raining for 2 days now and it seems appropriate.

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