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Monday, March 23, 2015

You know what? I don't even need sheets.

I made the bed yesterday. THAT was an ordeal.

Sometimes I feel like my fingers are no longer attached to me.  Like, instead of giving orders via the nerves, the brain is calling them on their cell phone and the reception is shitty.
For my brain, making the bed is easy. You see the sheet sitting there. You reach out your hand and grasp the sheet. You position the corner of the sheet over the corner of the mattress. You walk to the next corner. You grasp the sheet, you stretch the sheet to the corner and secure it. Repeat as necessary for however many corners your bed might have (I don't know how to make a round bed.) But THEN you put MY hands in the equation and they turn into the equivalent of :

For me, that's the must frustrating part. I know HOW to make a bed. These same fingers (that's an assumption that there have been no alien abductions with transplants that I'm unaware of) used to make a bed just fine (my mother would tell you it was my mouth that used to be the problem.) Yet now it feels like trying to place a radioactive pin in someone's brain while wearing lead oven mitts.*

* I should probably watch less
Grey's Anatomy
It doesn't help that I spent most of the weekend in pain. Whether it was weather related, or my body playing tricks on me I have no idea, but I just hurt all around- neck to elbows to knees to toes. It's so strange the weird things that you find yourself challenged by.  Ten year ago I never would have thought anyone needed help making the bed. Now, even typing this is a struggle.

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