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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Get your shit together

... I'm sure that's what you've been thinking in my general direction lately. I've been so absent. I've been posting things to our Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter here and there from Instagram, but other than that I've been such a terrible blogger.
Moving is exhausting. And you would think it would be over by now but it isn't. We still don't have all of our stuff out of our lousy old apartment. We still have more crap to get out of there, and then have to clean it. This is fucking never ending. And I'm sure you all can understand- whenever you get one load of stuff moved, it seems like what was left has been reproducing while you were gone and there's more than there was to start with.
And all of this shit is TERRIBLE on your body! Even the healthiest person on earth will be stressed, exhausted, and borderline miserable with moving. No one can deal with picking up endless boxes of junk and hauling it up and down stairs without their body getting a little pissed about it. (Imagine moving as "overtime" for your body- it complains just as much as everyone in your office does.) But if your body is already pissy, then there is a fabulous chance it will throw a temper tantrum once you start doing any of this crap. And it sucks, because you can't exactly STOP in the middle of a move. Most of the time you have to be out of a place by a certain date. We inevitably don't plan far enough in advance to be finished packing the night before the movers get there. This time we were lucky enough to have 2 weeks in both apartments; usually that isn't the case.  How much does it suck when you have 3 days to move EVERYTHING??
And then there is the DIET when you're trying to move. You never feel like making food, it feels like ages to nuke anything that takes longer than a Hot Pocket. So we all eat fast food. We don't try to balance protein and carbs with the amount of calories. All we want is comfort and sustenance, whatever it comes from.  So on top of our bodies being mad about the extra work, we're also depriving them of the real nutrients they need to survive. I mean, who needs, like, basic nutrition to function, right?
What about the poisons we call medicine around this joint? They can make you feel like a power cord discovered by a puppy- how are you supposed to pack and move with that shit coursing through your system??  I decided to skip a week of Enbrel in order to feel like a human for the move.  But of course, without the drugs my body begins to revert back to its natural "why not attack myself" state. And then I end up feeling like shit anyway. (The next post is going to be about the simultaneous debacle that is still happening with the Enbrel, but we'll get there.)

What have y'all done to deal with the stress- mental and physical- of moving? Do you ever tread the line of skipping medications (which I should say, is probably a terrible idea and should never actually be done without talking to a doctor), or try to plan around the bad days? And do you experience the feeling of a mini flare during or afterwards, because I sure as hell do.