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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Holy tick-tocks, Batman!

My clock shows that it it 12:44 AM central time on Wednesday 7/8/15. And I'm still awake. Thank God I don't have to work tomorrow.
So why am I still awake?  Why, its that refrain that I'm sure y'all are as sick of singing as I am: I'm hurting.  Jesus Christ, when does this song end? I already tried the ibuprofen. The Tramadol. A xanax to make me sleepy. Finally an Ambien as a Hail Mary. Yet I'm sitting at my desk typing this message to you guys. When do I get an effing break???? Truly, this is maddening. At least this time I decided to be productive (in the relative sense of my life.) instead of laying there thinking "maybe just five more minutes. Maybe the eucalyptus lotions I slathered on to help the pain will relax me as well.

If nothing else, I'll look terrible tomorrow but smell FABULOUS!

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