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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Best friends are the best.

Is that how they got that name? Now it makes sense.
Me with y'all.

A little refresher: my husband works noon to midnight. It's a weird schedule, but he ends up working every other weekend, with random days in between on 2 week rotation. So that means I spend a lot of time by myself.

Sometimes that's a great thing. I love reading, and time alone also means I can binge on the shows he hates on Netflix. I have taken up coloring (I'll write a post on that soon.) and I like getting to just be zen.

On the other hand, that means I'm also spending a lot of time having full conversations with a coon hound, Strabismus Kitty, and Cataract Bunny. It's the downside of living so far away from friends and family. And as healthy as those convos are for my mental status (I'm totally sure), it can start to wear you down. And when you combine that with the wearing down from the fatigue and the pain, you're left with someone who tries to put the toothpaste away in the freezer (true story.)

That's Penny being disgusting.
Thank God for Skype. Even from 855 miles away, I can spend hours doing nothing with my best friends just like old times. I started writing this post earlier this week after a bad day. In pain, stressed out, overwhelmed, and with my husband at work I felt like crap. But I texted a best friend and asked if  she was busy, if she wan
Maybe Penny actually IS Death.
ted to Skype.  And we just talked for 2+ hours about nothing in particular. I did my nails. She cuddled with her dog (whom I hate. She smells like death.)

Pizza party!
My absolute best friend, ride or die, how did we not get arrested at some point best friend and I also frequently Skype. We watched "Scream Queens" together from 988 miles away, beginning to end. We would even eat the same foods so it felt more like hanging out.

My support system is just the best. My husband cares for me like I'm a Saint in her last days. My friends will always make me feel better even when I genuinely think it can't happen. My family laughs right along with me at the ridiculous ailments I manage to "catch"(as do they, thanks to the shared genetics.) My arthritic father and I can complain about the weather together.

I think sometimes it's easy to forget how vital a support system is for your health. And this doesn't just go for someone with a chronic pain illness: EVERYONE should have a good support system. In today's world there's really no excuse. None. There's Skype. There's Facebook. There's texting. There's the fucking phone which has existed for HOW LONG?? You don't have to even say anything. But sitting there looking at another human, talking in real time, that connection will do wonders for your mental state. Just someone to say your stupid thoughts to. "What if we are all just some Sims on an alien's computer, and when we forget why we went into a room it's because they cancelled our action?" These are thoughts that have to be said out loud.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Things are in the works

I've been quiet for a while, but a lot has been going on and I'm working material to post.
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