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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sorry I suck

I need to bring my life into focus.  It's so hard feeling 75% at best all of the time,  and it's easy to let myself get soaked up in work and feel too drained to do the things I love when I get home.  (Like write run on sentences for you lovely people.)
I am an introvert.  I can't hide that.  If you walk into my house you will quickly realize it.  Our guest room is not only an office,  it's also a walk in closet.  LITERALLY. 
I haven't put clothes away in ages.  There are several laundry baskets full of clean laundry sitting there because I wear the same 4 shirts,  2 sweatpants,  and 2 pairs of jeans all the time.  The rest of the clothes are like Christmas presents when I dig them out of a basket and I have no memory of buying them.  I mean,  all I wear to work are scrubs,  and I change into lounge wear (Aerie speak for pajamas)  as soon as I get home.  What's so annoying about that is that I have some cute fucking clothes!  I must,  because I remember looking really cute from time to time. 
And I'm no less lazy when it comes to the chill part of life.   I'm watching supernatural AGAIN.  From the beginning.  For like the 5th time.  Not just because of the pure awesomeness that is this show,  but also because I don't have the energy to watch new shows that I have to pay attention to.  I often save up a weeks worth of TV and catch up on Hulu all in one day.  I also just reread Harry  which,  let's be clear,  there is no shame in either.  But once again,  I'm doing something I've done several times before rather than  reading something new. 

So I think it's time to refract myself and bring some clarity to life,  because it can't all be wake up,  make small children cry,  sleep,  repeat. There's got to be some TV or a book in there somewhere.  Right?