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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Where. The. Eff. Have I been??

Obviously you can't answer that. And honestly, I don't know if I can either.

Where do I start?
I guess with the last place I left off.
Which was with a sort of optimistic post about the new year. And then... I just sort of lost focus. It was tough, trying to get settled into the new job, the new state, being back near my family. I got more tired than I already was.

Whatever, there's no real excuse. (Although I will say that I am pretty good about posting shit to Instagram, which also shares to Tumblr and Twitter, so if you aren't following on there you're missing out.) So instead of trying to wax poetic about the why of my laziness, why not just catch you up?

I started getting infusions!  The bright side of moving is that you have to get new doctors, which means you get a stronger say in what is about to happen  to you. They might have the notes from the previous doctors, but they will still- for the first few visits, at least-   follow your lead in what the next steps are. And I laid it out very bluntly: I was tired us using Enbrel weekly and feeling like hell for a day afterwards. I wanted infusions. And if she wasn't comfortable going in that direction I would find someone who was.
Now, this doctor is newer to the area and doesn't have a huge base of clients yet, so in that way I had another leg up. But more importantly, I explained to here that I ALREADY knew the risks of moving forward. That was off her shoulder's. I totally got it.
So then, I got what I wanted.
And I LOVE it. I still don't feel well for about a day afterwards, and I'm beyond exhausted the day I actually get the infusion. But do you know how infusions work? You sit there for THREE HOURS in a comfortable recliner chair, with free wi-fi and TVs, as many pillows and blankets as you could want, and you can bring food. It is basically a reader's PARADISE! I look forward to my infusions. The staff is so nice, and they go out of their way to remember you. They seem to actually care about how things are progressing, and I love the environment they have created. (Don't get me wrong, this isn't one of those bananna bag luxe places people like Britney Spears and Rihanna go to after a night of drinking, chic is not something they do. But CARING is. )I bring coloring books, I bring my books for my challenge (see The Belle of the Bookcase for my reviews of what I've read so far!)

But the question I'm sure you're all dying to ask is: are the infusions helping?? And the answer is YES! I'm not swallowing ibuprofen like they're single color Skittles. I've been able to go and do things (not a LOT of things, lets not get crazy, but a few things. Family things.) I've even been starting to plan out some photography stuff.

So basically what I'm saying is that, HOPEFULLY you'll be hearing from me more frequently again. Here's to keeping up promises!

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